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Related article: Date : Tue, 6 October 8, 2009 30th 41 0100 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 38 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up Topless Lolitas fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimateImagination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file, so that if forMats or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two Topless Lolitas three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom Topless Lolitas E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Since I've been away so recently could have failed to supply the odd have response to an e- mail so please remind me if I owe you a letter! Chapter 38 - The Spoils of War " Well, you have another kind? " is not in yer pocket "no, they" were all true ? "Kind of shook his head. " But I not mind the odd couple.. You know that. " " you fucking pervert! " Nigel said with a smile,"Yer, I know WOT! " " Now do not tell me that it is the home of a couple of them have a look ? " Trying to "can do". Nigel, to keep a straight face. " Well, you're very good, I know you! " Said that kind of feeling his cock through out of pocket. " Shut up. " Nigel said: "Well Ian, WOT, which for them here quickly breaks again and is the teaching of the bell again. " Nigel watching secretly filling her stolen underwear Ian box was more at the turn of the conversation was confusing and not very see what the attraction is kept at each of underwear stolen all more. As he explained in his pocket, found a way must be something back, otherwise why Nigel and the risk to steal them? What he was not there? The big question that had dared to hold a pair of to find out what was the power ? It was when he started his dick, up again in his underwear Cummy, who decided that the tube sticky of the meat had answered the questionfor him. "Is all this then ?" Said Nigel Ian see how he drew the blade of in the pocket. " How strange, I thought I had more than that! " " YER I think it is. " Ian answered quite convincing. Nigel Avoid eye contact, he knew he was still hiding two pairs panties in the books at the bottom of the bag. Knowledge in itself very naive and unimaginative sexual, it was pretty obvious that Nigel and such articles have been much appreciated. Therefore, according to him, if he could find only as an aid to masturbation that would be a the opportunity to expand their sexual repertoire limited as possible. kind pushed him, "Not every house, then? " " No, no... " Ian blushed and hoped that the art had not noticed, by Of course, what s that he had. As also noted in its tail grows Ian pants. "But.. uh.. I mean... they would do with WOT ? I've never ummm... " "Do you know how to play in yer pants ? " Nigel asked innocently trying to to see more of IaNo sexual habits. " Um.. do not. " Ian had never thought about it. " You must! " Before Ian could kind of object is bent over and with courage n pressed his hardening cock through his pants. " Fuck you ! " Ian looked around in panic. " No I think we are, we are gay or something like " "We're not just have every touch, like other hair-raising ! " Said Art home laugh. "It seems you could do with another straw, yerba mate, which is getting bigger! " Nigel observed, "Down the moor, and I'll pull it for now" \\ \\ n Ian bright red again. The fact that there was not much, and the ease in what could be embarrassing, was fast becoming something of a game Art and Nigel type: " Well, if you love me.. you can not, of course ` Retrospect you were to check 'em out of all the stains and you.. " " points Wot! like piss and y...... is not it ? Wot! actually " embarrassing or unaffected eyes were open Ian and his ears were almost visible flutter " Gotta smell ' em all orsee, too! "Type of wrinkled her nose and sniffed as be a mouse, " There is little vague though! " This was all new territory for Ian, because all they had done was in straw pajamas in bed. Now he was here to hear about the things he not even know was dreaming of his education were filtered very prim and proper as an only child of a childhood in which sex was never talk and masturbation as something dirty that nothing Nigel interrupted... "Then, ' of course I'd try to put ' em on.. or at least try on yer cock and get a real hard pull out of 'em right? "Eyes Ian is open even more! Masturbation in dirty underwear unknown child. The felt his cock was about to start on a wet spot can, but it was not check it! continued Nigel, which " 'I would think that the little guy did and using ' em the same, right? And, it could have fingers in the ass 'em too! Hey guy, that about it not? "Knowledge Ian took a deep breath. I could not remember thus becomes what he was really excited Listen, these ideas, which certainly would have been thrown underwear masturbation with other guys had to be simple explored. Now I was beginning to see the appeal ! Why not always before friends and art with Nigel? " And, of course," said Art, Ian looked at the pants, "I know that someone here who has even fucking know, I still suck kindness of a pair of pants.. 's mine is absorbed for sure! " This distance, Ian was fully erect penis and the fly of his pants , obviously under some pressure. The wet spot have increased in the gray cloth pants began to absorb the small leak precum, in any case, no underwear really made the previous session of the art in the dry toilet. " No, do not you think? " Ian said in disbelief. " Wot! Yer Nige has sucked pants? " " Oh yer. " Art replied casually. "Hey, let go or come too late to the last lesson. " was taken tooNigel shame and did not comment, he only the way he began to walk. " Want to try Ian, especially when they have 'em the first time you masturbate , you know that means yer own sperm taste, right? " Without really thinking Ian nodded, " yer. no, yer, I mean... no, of course, it is not! " " of course not, you're a good boy! " said, to more laughter and the type of squeezing Ian fly again. " Oh shit! " In fact, he enjoyed the Topless Lolitas attention and expertise that s so much that he felt another dribble of precum wet mud panties. This forced him to miss his pace and was briefly red or type n back up as fast as lightning on him. "is not cum in your pants again, right?" double red " WOT I'll tell you " saw the perplexity Nigel Ian and smiled : "I bet of his pants are a little damp to fall.. the wilderness, and go to ' em to suck, while you do not have ' em in " blush Ian again. I knew I was about to ejaculate, what s the day. give? s to say yes, he wanted to Nigel, that exactly what to do, but knew the Topless Lolitas circumstances were against them pulling all his courage, he threw himself from his sleeve and said Nigel: n " can we else... another day? " " I love it, I'll teach you how to do it for me! " Nigel smiled and rubbed his erection through the front of his pants. "WOT this weekend , when working out the details of the master plan ? " " Wot! " Ian had not expected, Nigel, according as easily. Hoist by his own firecracker yet. His eyes were not open to keep his cock jerked back the head gliding against the wet cotton. " Uumm.. " " Great, I can not wait. " No Escape and Nigel was not a joke. " Hey, I think, if I have the front of yer pants had rubbed cum again! " Art was to investigate the dark spot in front of Ian pants. " No.... not art, please, please, please do not touch it anymore, because ' is not far ! " was a cause for despairand Ian would not have been more honest! " No, not here, please.. no! " , however, that the idea of ​​semen in her underwear as a corridor is school! Maybe there was something in his underwear fetish All " OK, do not fucking panic, I was just kidding. " Said Ian detection of type was all jokes and sexual innuendo more a little overwhelming. " I was not there ! You two know more than me and masturbate dass. I feel sorta.. no.. I 'm a little confused all fucked! " . " Nige, you better stop winding him," Art said softly to Nigel, as continued: "We go to classes and getting shit the calm minute. " \\ \\ n " Hey, just a joke and that. " said Nigel turned to Ian, "you can trust.. we know that art is shit walking" sex bomb, but it was " all for you \\ \\ n. so I would like to see WOT for mates innit ? " " Yes, I know. Y... so, after this morning with art, " Ian provisionally I touched his arm, he suddenly felt the need to trust them. " You meanknow.. it was the best I've ever done in my life. " "stupid bastard. "Art was trying not to look at his face, emotional element was returned. In the course of a few weeks he had won two very good friends. N " Hey. "Nigel Ian touched his arm," has a different type of class, but French got so much playing with his cock under the table! " " Wot! "Ian looked shocked, but not as a rule the idea!" Yer fucking sex crazy! " " Yer out! "Nigel nodded, " Why not, is an additional burden on the pants do not yer n the difference, and above all, art was on the list ! " " But, I could fight! "Ian replied, smiling like the idea began to sink filed in. His cock precum another portion of the agreement, the n waistband of his underwear was wet and sticky white displays for its shirt pants on Wolsey 's words were clearly X -... blue n visible "Oh, stupid bastard, I'm just joking," Nigel smiled : "But.. I have a lot of practice! " " Sure you have! "Said Art patting of the tail. " Oh, I understand. " Ian actually sounded a little disappointed. " But first and foremost," said Nigel, "I have to tell you what do to help next weekend, we all figured out, not art? " s type nodded. " Yer see, but we have to make some preparations for this weekend so that s all set. It's a big job ? " "' Spose so. " Said Ian, very safe of what he was getting into, " Yer, which is fine for this weekend, but this week only you can do something on Sunday, going to do that ? " "We Topless Lolitas have to do it. Now we will agree to information on the bus home," rubbed Nigel dick. "Now you can count on I know you really cum in yer pants without n to do noise in the back of the class " ? n " When at last! " Ian in the light of the eyes, "I hope so ! You mean.. " Nigel blinked. "I have no idea. " " that bitch is yer ! " Art said, " But you have to save something for me Now on Sunday, Nige, remind yourself tonight on my bus , so that the type a details for Sunday. "n " and it is. means that you and IaNo, it's a little more than a fuckin ' standing on the other end, but it's the easiest way to do this. No? " Ian nodded, as the lesson rang. " Hey, you remember Nige I have to add a bit of Simon sitting on the bus ` because he not very good. Well, I have to go to the Spanish blood, is later. " " WOT is? " Nigel said, laughing. " So damn sight or something! " This kind of broke down and went to his own class to think that if only that he had brought some underwear that the conditions in the class have too! There was silence in the locker room. gut feeling Tom right to turn around to face her fears, literally broke into a cold sweat n his mouth opened in horror. every n in the room had seen clearly, and enjoy each other Lecture masturbation teacher, Tom, Alex and Brian had so much ability, and displayed enthusiasm. franca variety of puberty erections said to his success. to Tom, the sea of ​​smiling facesThe room quickly became a blur, n total panic, was to say something to Alex, but nothing came. Detection Alex something was wrong with his hands still locked firmly in Cummy Brian tears his cock, then turned and her heart almost stopped. The appearance of the shock caused Alex's face a huge applause, laughter, and whistles. The whole class showed their appreciation for the best practice in the presentation of self- abuse never took place, which to say it had, then n with magnificent opening cut ejaculation Brian steps heavy and heard little noise in the room decreased gradually came to Mr. Hawkins from office. "What 's wrong with you lot, what happens guys going? " He asked with his Topless Lolitas usual ingenious way, the boys were very quiet. The only answer that seems to have a laugh in the background. Looking N because I could not see what was asked what the emotion that s the boy to his side. " Derek, what it is, what happened? " " Um. Oh, Mr... uh.. do not know! " Derek, who was anxious to see, hoping to pick up some useful references of his experience of solitude sleep aid was more embarrassed than another. Very nervous and blushed at last nodded in the direction of the room where Tom, Brian Alex and all, but have their roots City of shock. " Tom, Alex, what did you do ? Are you Brian? " Mr. Hawkins is in the past, full of clothes hangers peers, who made his way n with the boys. Neither Tom nor Alex said. They just do not want there, and, indeed, o, no! A look at Alex with sperm Dibble immersed in his shorts, it would be more than obvious what they were doing This was a situation that no doubt had avoided teacher training university the child's vision about Mr. Hawkins was not immediately clear what was is happening. Difficult ! Hardly! I think probably less than fifteen years may have also caught doing the same and callbackIng their own sexual impulses at that age he decided to get all the somewhat more quickly and painlessly as possible for everyone involved. " Oh, my God! " As for Tom and Alex, I felt like they were trembling. " This is not what I want in my gym anymore. " A euphemism, but gave him time to think. then stared at Brian, who was motionless. usually is a very shy boy, who looked very pale complexion that your normal pale white. Small drops of liquid milk is still clinging to hand. ". And Brian I'm really surprised that," The room was completely silent now, and Tom was literally hoarse voice: "We're sorry sir.... you know.. " " Yes Thomas. I think we know very well what you did. Rest assured, is discussed in school, when you hear or see more that thing anymore. all understand ? " " Yes " the three were petrified of what will happen next. If no the rector of theNo parent would be told? Along with the emotional and physical Brian of discovery and was on the verge of tears. Tom was the only audible response that finally, in a hoarse voice sa n. "Sorry, sir," " Well, they say, sorry, sir, is not going to clean this mess up it is? " as the boys and the decision that does not take much to reduce all that tries to break Mr. Hawkins, strict as it seems. "Now it some paper towels and clean... then three come with a cold shower fresh for you. " Still naked, Brian was shaking, it was clear that not use of in the situation all right. Tom and Alex were not feeling, or even look, that s much better, but did everything possible to make a good face on what is inserted a terrible situation, especially their peers. So far there had not realized that was his situation, no doubt, made ​​ten times worse if a the news started filtering around the school " And you are in a three weeks in prison twice. II imagine that you are not n probably tell your parents the reason for his arrest! Now, Clean and is in the shower in two minutes. " Amid much laughter and laughter, was a very embarrassing Alex, pulled her shorts cum splattered and ran to the bathroom to clean up a meeting handful of paper towels on the floor. Tom could not do much other instead of trying to appease Brian, tears now rolling down his cheeks scared at the thought of their parents realize. Alex n when you have finished rubbing the semen the ground, when Mr. Hawkins new and opened the shower. "Thomas, Brian and Alex in the here and now. Then I want you in my office to see before you go. " two minutes in a bath of cold water was enough to dampen libido and any strongly make the point, he was responsible. with their own immediate problems to address, along with General chaotic turmoil in the locker room, yelling and screaming several not if the rest of the class of diseasescovered that her underwear had registration had not been stolen. At the time he left the shower shivering and looked very lonely the locker room was pretty empty. Only when hurry, even with more energy, they realized that their underwear missing now is sufficient to Topless Lolitas establish Brian was in panic mode again. "to stop Brian, bloody, and get yourself together, we have simply because n and see, sir," Tom said firmly. "Well, I do not know who chickened out of pants , but only someone with a smile. " " He's right. " Alex said, "Come yer shorts, no one will know that \\ \\ n do not have anything underneath. " there was a very modest boy trio that finally knocked on the door of the office. "Forward ! " Mr. Hawkins was sitting at his desk, see also Children stood in front stared at the tiled floor, very sure of what you meant or do. Despite the gravity of the situation, could not Tom thinks to walk without wearing anything under Hellos short of the school was really exciting! " Tom, pull your socks and a little smarter. " Mr. Hawkins looked up and down. very sure how this will clash bowed Tom n down and was pleasantly surprised when thick seam of his pants back found its way into her ass crack. Smoothing thought it was is in position and shuffled a few seconds long sought, , unsuccessfully, to evict a " Now listen. You may find it difficult to understand , but realize I do s what looked his age when your body is developing and the iT and control of their emotions can be difficult. " Mr. Hawkins, the boy , which looked very nice trio pathetic to see Brian about going back. " Well, some things are better left to get home. You know what I mean? " nodded. Alex and Tom blushed to know exactly what he meant, Brian was not really listening. " Since you are in this unique and enigmaticStage of life, if that are, literally, physically in front of the boys into adulthood, I to give the benefit of the doubt. I will not say more about this incident confident hope to reflect on his actions during his prison! " " means it will not do anything else, sir, " asked Alex 's voice broke. " No, I do not want. After all, "Mr. Hawkins, rubbing his chin, the choice of words care " because of what we heard from outside Topless Lolitas the class that, well, Brian was something that marks a milestone. Now you will go to your next lesson. I do not want to hear about it. " " Thank you, sir. "Brian said with a slightly hoarse voice. There was more capable look embarrassed, though he had tried, and all but ran out the room with the knowledge that Mr. Hawkins had hit was their first ejaculation Tom followed and began to exit : " I ​​am glad that you, sir! " " Yes, I can see that. Here we go. " The door closed. Mr. Hawkins sat in hisPresident and thought of the n made ​​the right situation, he thinks. However, they were just kids once, and had undoubtedly been confused himself was. Because they are so open minded, not wanting to be the guy the impression that he masturbation bad or dirty, but it was a part of life when the context. The boys had to learn only when it was the right context Godhead was Simon 's last lesson of the week and it looks like a fitting end for what I had before! The class was a mixture of two sets and the only time in the program, when all his friends together. Many of the other boys in the class had witnessed the events of the locker room so that the message is already spreading like wildfire. Tom, Alex and Brian came in the last minute and seemed pretty demoralized Sat out in silence, as rumors swirled around him. David finally was to determine the truth and turned to Simon and Jimmy Joe is that Alex had just confirmed that the ruMours truth. At the same time, the lesson started the whole class knew exactly what really happened to detailed descriptions of the keys to the children After what seemed a very long lesson, was a relief that Tom, Alex and Brian escaped the confines of school buildings and came to light from the sun on the bus back home. It soon became associated with the Simon lameness, David, Joe and Jimmy, and slowly walked to the bus stop for Simon, set the pace. Based on the comments received as went to the door of the school, it seemed that his antics were n that has already gained some notoriety and perhaps until Monday would be the story repeatedly embellished his past. It is understandable that those who have not been to the gym all know dirty details who did what to who and where! Despite earlier Brian panic attacks now back to his old self and so incredibly glad you finally can finish, the fact that its tail was one of the little ones do not care at all now. You have arrived at the bus stop when Alex said his new blue panties had been stolen, the others joined and soon became much of what David had heard most the guys in the gym now running without underwear ! The boys looked at each other, Alex licked his lips and was about to make a joke that went to Art and is interrupted. " Oi... all well and children, how is Simon? " N " is sorta good. " David smiled, soon after the way he was talking to n, under his spell very nice. " And here, this is a innit ? " " Well, I think. " Art did, " Just as it was then that Si in the afternoon? " \\ \\ n " Fuckin ' horrible! " Simon does not seem very happy. The clumsy way in which they has been confirmed, arrived at each step to torment. of art, knowing that David Simon and Joe were inaugurated problems played the politically correct and met Simon, before asking quietly, "Yer, wot thatknow everything about everything ? " " Come here. "Simon grabbed his ear and whispered kind. " Dave and Joe know all. I could spend the day without them, I have to go colleagues and the only ones who know, so do not tell you, nothing else, no n is one. It's not Tom or the other. No? " " I have. "Type of smiled and turned back to David. " 're David and Joe , then? " " Yer. "She nodded. Tom and the other guys were not quite sure what happened or what s really wrong with Simon, but were happy to support it, no doubt, would learn \\ \\ n, which is the problem was. motioned to David and then type Joe and she stepped to one side, Simon was asked what art s had in mind. n \\ \\ "I just wanted to tell him the attention he's my brother n all. " " OK, " said Joe, " we are glad to help him. " Simon gave a sigh of relief seemed to take this class seriously. N " Well, thanks again. " Art, then looked closer she waved. " You see theds, "he whispered," Look, this is WOT happens when the straw too n ! " Joe immediately turned red and tried to avoid contact with eyes, while David n chuckled back of his hand. " Oh damn art hell, "said Simon met him in the back! " son of a bitch! Do not cursed wind ' em up "because they have been great for me today. " The others had not listened and looked confused when they saw him get Simon. " Sorryboys ! " Art was on the list, tried to look contrite and converted Joe over again, because he was the one embarrassed, obviously. "and Joe WOT, which is worse, you know, is... " He motioned for Joe to come. Joe looked forward to a pearl of wisdom. expected " get yer fucking pink pants ! " " Oh, sort of, you're fucking shut up! Had," said Simon suggested angry with him, "" keep your mouth shut and not say the fucking fuck now ! " On the other hand, both Davis and Joe laughing at them even blush. Type incorrigible personality prevailed, Simon also looked into it SMIhas done. " You sod !" Said Simon. " There it is. " the audience looked down the street and saw Nigel, Ian Martin and peak n to the bus stop, like the outline of the double-decker green promptly is approaching in the distance. "Art, I do not know your colleagues, what is wrong right? Please do not tell them. " N , Simon said. "I'm not saying it's okay. " Said Art, "In any case, our bus right? " " No, they come with us. " said David, who had heard. " YER '? " If that's our bus Simon, I ' spose to see us on Monday, " Simon smiled:" And thank you for all you 've done today.. they fuck without you. " Joe 's arm gently touched," Yer, but you will not fuck yerself once again the weekend are you? " the bus was pulling up as Simon smiled and shook his head.. ". Shit given, just " " also two to check if you have pink pants on Monday, " almost breathless Nigel : " We could not here not faster. Simon are you okay ? " " Yer, I think. " " Oh shitthat. "Alex said. His heart sank when he saw Martin smiling n with him and was very relieved that the bus had come. He pushed Tom " It is our coach, who will be better than him. I could ride a bike on the weekends n and see Simon. " " I'll go with you. " Smiled Tom Martin, has the stomach again. Those damn butterflies. " Yer, please, " said Simon. This almost everyone has a career in platform so that only Simon art, Nigel, Ian Martin, and stood on the sidewalk in a cloud the acrid smoke when the bus started on the road. " Oi, art that stupid ! " Nigel was distinctive greeting. " You see again? " " Oh, shit ! How do you know ? "Said Art desperately trying to remember if s that he has done enough " is all the milk in yer pants ! " He laughed Simon. Ian looked embarrassed, as usual, and Martin smile. " Wot! "It looked kind of panic, but could not see, there is nothing s". You.. Stupid ! "N " you fall for it every time. "Nigel said, laughing. " Well, hereok, here our bus from the look of it. " " Son of a bitch! "Said Art " Shit. I'm glad we got here in time, finding the bloody centuries to get here. "Said Ian checked his watch. " Sorry, I d ' say I know all the little brother of Simon. "Said Art nod to him. " I'm fucking little! "Simon said indignantly. N " I like short yer! Cor, nice smooth legs, go all the way to yer bum bit? "Nigel said disarmingly. " could do! Easy to check, if you like! " Simon answered, provocative, he Nigel met a few times and generally gave as good as wine. " Mmm. Tempting! "Nigel smiled and winked. " One Day " " Simon, do not, they are the best friends Tom and Alex? " Asked Martin. " YER... and have called you. " This comment Simon knew that Martin launched about Ian and Nigel was. The truth is that Simon was more than a little jealous of Martin n power, Sol friends soon infiltrate, mainly because was also a close friend of the artss as well. was Martin was something in the comments, he blushed and quickly looked around. Nigel was asking shorts and probably Simon , which was in them. Art became ever seeing his own hand through his bag, and no underwear in your fingers was pretty obvious. Ian was again observed nature, no doubt rubbing the end of his tail! Without it being Martin or Simon, the art had o comment Simon went well. The bus arrived and while Nigel, Ian Martin, and up the stairs to the deck of Superior Art Simon bravely kept going slow and painful. " What to write? Are slow today?" Nigel said he turned and looked down. "This is Simon innit ?" Said the type of raised eyebrows, "He has a little hurt, and has been a little slow. " " While not your tail ! "Nigel said and smiled innocently. Simon shoved way in the ribs. " Did you fucking say anything ? I'll fucking kill you if fisecond place ! " " No, I do not. "Kind of pushed him back with the same intensity. " No, fuck, it's not. Now bitch enough. what is a bitch because of masturbation as a bloody idiot, anyway! All I'm trying to do is help fuck you!. " silence, as he climbed the stairs Once seated, Simon said quietly : " Sorry, yer right, it's my fault. " " Well, now we agree. Look, I 'm talking to Nigel, so I'm going to place with Martin. "Art, adding emphatically:" So you're damned s ". " kind to him, ' because it's my friend too Yer ? "".. Art I have a bad day. "I can say that the grass fucking stupid, but not take it with me on it ". kind of pushed him again, and smiled. "Now, smile just a little walk and beautiful, Martin. Tell all yer cock, if desired. He is always so damn nice and I could kiss better if you ask ! " Simon looked at him with wide eyes. "Oh, shit..... Tom WOT.. Alex.. oh, say both was very nice, I had forgotten. I'll talk to him. " " Well. Is luvly ,. really " friendly smile : " Itwill not go wrong with it as s friend, he will do anything for you. Hey.. and do not take into account is the only difficult. Fucking hell at home was the second week, now it ` s only his mom, you have no idea what happened the poor. " Food for thought Simon Martin began to look different light the art of moving up and down, finally, touching Martin 's shoulder and said, gently.. " Oi! Now fuck off and go talk to Simon, if you hear, 's Gonna happen this weekend to all his friends in his shorts ! " " young children in shorts, with a lawn luck Martin! "Said Nigel smiled n the way for Martin moved up. " I think at least I know best. "Martin smiled," Talking shorts, to WOT is up Simon shorts then art ? " " Put yer hands and find out! " Nigel intervened. " You'd better ask him yerself ! "It was very naughty art, it could be" , somewhat surprisingly, I guess! " " You think I should ? "Martin felt his cock give a bit of a twinge when he stood up. " Younno. " Kind of a wink," See what happens ! " " has begun ! "Martin smiled and walked into the hallway where you sit Simon. Nigel went to check it was out of earshot, then turned to art n and Ian. \\ \\ N "Art, now here to sit down and shut up, because we have to get this organized. Ian, , which is higher so damn secret that there is no word in any cause ", only three of us that every time you know the plan. Got it? Yer need special tools, and I do not mean that between yer legs ! "odded n Ian and seemed more worried than before, Topless Lolitas I had to learn, his fate " Hey, before Topless Lolitas begin, I have to tell you. " silent type specification to approach. " WOT? " All the flapping ears. "I was a couple of guy who was talking to a girl.. " " Damn," said Nigel. " Wot! A girl? " Ian said, looking horrified. " Why? " N "You silly sod, he wanted to see it was all over WOT does not? " Said Art raised his eyebrows. " Wow!" Nigel thought, " I would not mind trying again... that wAnt to do what is between the legs! know " " Well, that's just WOT he wanted. Right? "Art, said:" This guy that has proved its hand back y... "Interrupted Nigel enthusiasm: " We had a girl in elementary school that his show some candy ass ! " " How was it? "Said Ian naive", a kind of ass face? " " No, that looked like a box of fucking money! " " Oh, shit,shut up! and I will tell you. "Said Art " Okay. " waited anxiously for the art, the first thing I looked around to see if anyone is then they heard a signal more closely. " I'll tell you what I said was like when he.. " Topless Lolitas Now was whispering and sounds very mysterious, she approached. " Now, see, ' if that makes sense, because I know nothing about girls no. "He looked at Ian, " Ian is the best way to describe it as... if... ummm... " The pause gave time trying to Ian, his penis was really solid, set in the fly of his pants tangled. " art.. yes... so, what was it? "Ian said, the hJust thought ad , which is a steep learning curve today! " Well," as well, " Ian, you know how close, if you set yer finger in the ass... " Topless Lolitas " Yes. Yess.. y... y... "Ian responded with enthusiasm. Suddenly the bus with laughter, both Simon Martin and full of got up to see Nelson and art shows to wallow in their seats Ian, who was seated and humiliated. "You fucking did it again not true ? " Simon said, smiling. ============================================ == ==== ========= chapter 39 to follow
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